Central Team

The Trust has an established Central Services team, that supports all schools within the Trust. The link to the right contains more information on the core services to schools that can be provided by the Trust.

Jonathon Peck - Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Jonathon leads the central services team and with a wide remit to ensure that student facing staff can focus on teaching and learning. He is also responsible, alongside the Chief Executive Officer, for delivering the strategic aims of the Trust.

Lisa Saunders - Operations Director 

Lisa is responsible for ensuring that the Trusts operational support functions meet the needs of each school within the Trust, and works to outline long term strategy in Facilities Management, ICT and Catering.

Alison Hobby - Head of Marketing and Administration 

Alison is responsible for ensuring that the administrative function provides optimal support to each school. She is also responsible for marketing, advertising and communications.

Kiran Brar - HR Manager

Kiran leads the HR team, supporting over 500 full and part time employees.

Sylvie De Groote - Finance Manager

Sylvie works with the School Business Managers and Headteachers to ensure that the financial performance of each school remains robust.

Tim Helyar - Accounting Manager 

Tim is responsible for ensuring that our income and expenditure is classified correctly within PS Financials