#CareersWeek Schedule

Purpose: raising awareness of the importance of linking curriculum learning to careers and destinations

Week 1 – w/c Monday 15th October

What is <subject> and how it could fit into your career (workplace skills you will learn in <subject> and ways your <subject> know-how will help you at work. Celebrating the department careers board.

Week 2 – w/c Monday 10th December

Should I choose <subject>?

Week 3 – w/c Monday 4th February

Common career paths for <subject> and career paths you might not have thought of.

Week 4 – w/c Monday 1st April

Specific career case studies and/or alumni talks.

Week 5 – w/c Monday 20th May

University vs Apprenticeship destinations in <subject>.

Week 6 – w/c Monday 15th July

Formulating a Careers Action Plan in <subject>.