Work Placement Experiences

Many of our students have undertaken work placements during their time at school.  These provide students with significant experience within a career area of their choice which then aids future career choices. 

Read the below experiences of our students to see the impact their work placements have had on them.

Ernst and Young (Tax)

For the October half-term I had a work experience placement at Ernest and Young at Apex Plaza. Whilst I was there I was working in tax (one of the four service lines) and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

During my time in tax, I looked over various accounts of different companies and made sure that the correct amount of tax was calculated for each of the profits/losses. This was very interesting and enjoyable as to how companies change their structures and relocate into other countries in order to pay the least amount of tax. One of the Tax Team’s objectives is to make sure companies pay the right amount of tax.

Moreover I spoke to employees from other service lines, such as advisory, and caught an insight as to what they do and how companies may benefit from them. Most importantly I got experience of working in accountancy and what it feels like to work in an office.

Azeem, Year 12


Barclays Bank (Finance)

In October, a number of Year 11 students chose to spend their half term taking part in work experience. For me, my placement involved me shadowing employees of Barclays Bank in Tilehurst. However, prior to this, we were allowed to choose what we would like to do and the location that was the most convenient for us. Then, according to where we had been placed, some of us were asked to have an interview with our ‘boss’ making us all very nervous. We also had to arrange our interviews ourselves which gave us a lot of responsibility so it very much felt like we were applying for an actual job. Nevertheless, we all took our respective interviews, with some being serious and others just being an opportunity to go over any queries, and everyone was quite excited to get the week started.

On the Monday morning before I started my work experience, I had to ensure that I had followed their uniform requirement of smart business wear, otherwise it would not be a good first impression to make. I also made sure that I arrived on time with everything they asked me to bring. It was very nerve-wracking for everyone on their first day. However, after meeting the team that I would be shadowing for the next week, it started to be an exciting experience. Also, everyone, including some of the customers that I met, were all very nice which made the days at the bank quite enjoyable.

During the week, there was a lot of responsibility that we faced as I, personally, was able to help (to an extent) with dealing with the bank customers and dealing with the money. This then allowed me to learn a lot from the workers who taught me whilst I shadowed them. It was also very interesting to witness the amount of work the employers at the bank had to do each day and the amount of effort it took behind the scenes of a bank.

By the end of the week, although I was very tired, the work experience helped me understand what having a job means and the amount of responsibility that it takes to work in a place, such as a bank. Also, it has helped me to have a feel of what it is like in a working environment. Although, I was very nervous at the start, it was an intriguing week for me and I enjoyed the experience.

Ira, Year 11


Lattitude Global Volunteering

From 24th - 28th October I did work experience with ‘Lattitude Global Volunteering’, a charity that provides young people with work experience opportunities abroad.

I thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about the office environment and developing some highly useful skills.

Tasks that I was given during the week included compiling spreadsheets with information about specific university level courses, creating profiles for work placements coming to the UK, analyzing their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts and creating draft social media posts for the organization’s Facebook page. These tasks helped me to develop my media and ICT skills. I also developed better team work skills throughout the week.

During the week, I also had the opportunity to find out more about the company. While looking at their website, I found out about the different placement opportunities that the charity offers. I was also able to find out more about the skills required to do a placement with Lattitude.

Overall, I enjoyed my work experience and found it very useful. Gaining an insight into the office environment was interesting and I am interested in doing more work experience with Lattitude Global Volunteering over the summer holidays.

Shruthi, Year 11