Trust Committees and Local Advisory Boards

Trust Chair
Chair of the Board of Trustees Mr Nick Jones
Trust Committees Chair
Finance, Audit and Site Mr Nick Jones
Appraisal Mr John Hobson
Trust Scrutiny Leads  
Safeguarding/Equalities/SEND Miss Lindsey Bowden
Standards and in-Trust variation Mr Alastair Starnes
GDPR Compliance Mr John Hobson
Local Advisory Board Chairs  
Maiden Erlegh School Mr Bob Kenwrick
Maiden Erlegh School in Reading Mr Phillip Simmons
Great Hollands Primary School Miss Lindsey Bowden
Local Transition Board Chair
Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge Mr Nick Jones
LAB Champion roles Trust lead
Safeguarding, Equality and SEND Mrs Alison Walker
Curriculum and Standards Miss Mary Davies
Performance of Groups Miss Mary Davies
Pastoral care, SMSC and destinations Mrs Alison Walker
Finance and compliance Mr Jonathon Peck
Parental engagement and community Miss Mary Davies
Staff development, recruitment and staff  wellbeing Miss Mary Davies/Mr Richard Hawthorne                                       
Admissions Miss Mary Davies

Each LAB member has a champion role that is linked to the School Improvement Plan. The LAB Champion regularly meets the Senior School Lead ahead of LAB meetings in preparation to report back on progress to the LAB.