Trust Committees and Local Advisory Boards

Trust Chair
Chair of the Board of Trustees Mr Nick Jones
Trust Committees Chair
Finance, Audit and Site Mr Nick Jones
Appraisal Miss Lindsey Bowden
Trust Scrutiny Leads  
Safeguarding/Equalities/SEND Miss Lindsey Bowden
Standards and in-Trust variation Mr Alistair Starnes
GDPR Compliance Mr John Hobson
Local Advisory Board Chairs  
Maiden Erlegh School Mr Bob Kenwrick
Maiden Erlegh School in Reading Mr Ian May
Local Transition Board Chair
Great Hollands Transition Board Mr Nick Jones
LAB Champions  
Behaviour, Safeguarding, Inclusion and Equality Mrs Alison Walker
Curriculum and Assessment Mrs Sara Elliss
Gaps and Standards Mrs Alison Morgan
Health & Safety Mr Jonathon Peck
Budgets Mr Jonathon Peck
School Improvement Plan Miss Mary Davies
Community Liaison and the Berkshire Teaching School Alliance    Mr Richard Hawthorne