Careers Interviews and Advice

 ‘Good careers education and guidance can give young people a flying start by helping them gain the basic knowledge and skills they need to begin navigating their way successfully through career choices and changes. ‘   

Maiden Erlegh offers the following support and guidance:

• A new careers guidance tutor programme for Years 7-11 including the essential ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills our students will need in the future from managing their online identity to contingency planning if their results do not quite go the way they want.

• Group workshops with Year 8 in the run-up to their options.

• The adviser will be available for advice at options evening and parents evening for options year groups.

• There will be workshops for those students not going to university focusing on apprenticeships, gap years and employment.

• Training for members of staff involved in careers to further enhance our provision.

• Continued support for all students applying to University with their UCAS applications.

What is Careers Education and Guidance?     

Careers education is delivered by schools, starting in Year 7 and progressing through to Year 11. It takes the student on a voyage of self-discovery as they explore their own strengths, interests, the world of work and offers exposure to employers via careers events and speakers in school.

Careers guidance happens at the end of this process, as they talk to an adviser about their plans, hopes and aspirations.  It definitely is not about telling young people what to do, but about ensuring they have enough relevant, impartial and current information to think through their options and make an informed decision for themselves.