Chloe Barrett's journey to become School Business Manager at Great Holland's Primary School

  • Personal Assistant to Headteacher (MEC)
  • School Business Manager (MEC)
  • School Business Manager (GHP)

I have worked within Maiden Erlegh Trust for over 4 years and am incredibly proud to work for them and with them. Throughout this time, I have been given the opportunity to progress in my career and move into a senior leadership role. The support from my colleagues within Central Services and across the schools’ network has been invaluable in developing and embedding my skill set and as a result of this guidance and sustained support, I have had the privilege of seeing a school achieve a well-deserved ‘Good’ rating by Ofsted.

By having opportunities to work closely with Trust colleagues, we can share our experiences across each school and these meetings are also safe environments to raise questions without judgment and share good work practices. Working within a Trust school is an extremely rewarding experience, and I am continually proud of the achievements of my colleagues and most importantly the pupils across the schools. I genuinely believe that Maiden Erlegh Trust is a fantastic employer to work for.


Gill Albone's journey to become Lead Hospital Teacher at Cranbury College

  • Teacher of Maths (CBC)
  • Lead Hospital Teacher (CBC)

I joined Cranbury College in September 2019 as a Teacher of Maths. Over the following three years I was provided with opportunities to take on key responsibilities including timetabling for the college to develop both professionally and personally. Through the support and encouragement of SLT I applied for my current position as Lead Hospital Teacher and was successful. This would not have been possible without the personal support, CPD training and the opportunities to take on new responsibilities, trial ideas and new initiatives that the Trust have allowed me.

Whilst I am still learning the ropes for my new role, it is invaluable to not only have the support and guidance of my Line Manager and Headteacher, but also being able to build relationships and approach them for specific help from senior staff across the MET. It is truly a family of schools who will support everyone regardless of role and experience.


 Rob Buck's journey to become Director of Maiden Erlegh Institute and Trust Professional Learning

  • Trainee Teacher (MES)
  • Classroom teacher (MES)
  • Assistant Head of Year (MES)
  • Head of Department (MES)
  • Head of Faculty (MES)
  • Assistant Headteacher (MES)
  • Trust Lead for Careers, Destinations and Higher Ability Provision
  • Director of Maiden Erlegh Institute and Trust Professional Learning

I joined Maiden Erlegh School in July 2009 as a trainee Business Studies teacher. Since I started, I have been fortunate to have worked in a number of different roles within Maiden Erlegh School and more recently at Trust level – as a growing Trust family of schools there really is a wide variety of exciting opportunities to get involved in. The Trust actively encourages and develops pathways to nurture and develop its staff, believing wholeheartedly in the importance of continuous professional learning at every level of the organisation and by putting its people first

Like many colleagues, I have worked in a number of middle and senior leadership positions during my tenure. In 2018 I was appointed Assistant Headteacher at Maiden Erlegh School, and was also asked to Lead on Careers, Destinations and Higher Ability Provision across our schools.  

I agreed to oversee Berkshire Teaching School Alliance in 2020 (now Maiden Erlegh Institute) and in 2022 I was appointed Director of Maiden Erlegh Institute and Trust Professional Learning. As part of this work we remain committed to ensure that the Trust has a very clear strategy for professional development so that all staff can identify clear development pathways and are supported to achieve their professional goals, from Initial Teacher Trainees through to CEO.

I am an advocate of the wide variety of opportunities for professional growth available here, at every level of operation.


 Abigail McShee's journey to become Head of Science at Cranbury College and Hamilton School

  • Head of Science (CBC + HAM) 

I joined Maiden Erlegh Trust in January 2022 as Head of Science at Cranbury College & Hamilton School. I was welcomed into both teams by all staff across the Trust and have been given numerous opportunities to develop myself and my practice throughout my time here so far.

I have been fortunate enough to undertake my NPQLTD with the support of the Trust, and also to commence a Senior Leader Development Programme. I have supported with Curriculum and Staff Development in my time here and look forward to the opportunities still to come. The support from school leaders and Trust wide leaders has enabled me to become a more developed practitioner, and enabled me to connect with colleagues in a variety of settings. 

Maiden Erlegh Trust values their staff very highly and focuses on staff development as a key link to student development and success.


Andy Johnson's journey to become Executive Director of Education at Maiden Erlegh Trust

  • Trainee Teacher (MES)
  • Classroom teacher (MES)
  • Head of Department (MES)
  • Head of Faculty (MES)
  • Assistant Headteacher (MES/MER)
  • Deputy Headteacher (MER)
  • Head of School (MER)
  • Headteacher (MER)
  • Executive Headteacher
  • Executive Director of Education (MET)

I joined Maiden Erlegh School in September 2004 as a trainee RE teacher.  Following a variety of middle and senior leadership positions I joined the team leading the Trust’s first free school in east Reading, Maiden Erlegh School in Reading, which opened in 2015.  In 2018 I was appointed Headteacher and in 2020 Executive Headteacher leading on River Academy (opening in 2024).

In 2022 I was asked by the Trust board to become the new Executive Director for Education. Working alongside, our CEO, and with an excellent team of directors, leaders and staff we will continue to build on our strengths to support our moral purpose; providing ambitiously inclusive education for our pupils and students, ensuring that they have high quality support and care, and giving them every opportunity to thrive, to grow and to succeed.

As you can see from my ‘journey’, there are plenty of opportunities for growth and progression within the Maiden Erlegh Trust family, with support from mentors and leaders along the way to help you achieve your professional goals.  It is a very exciting time to join the team.


Annabelle Gehlot's journey to becoming School Business Manager at Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge

  • Administrative Assistant (MES)
  • Deputy Office Manager (MES)
  • Office Manager and PA to Headteacher (MES)
  • School Business Manager (MEC)

I joined Maiden Erlegh Trust  in January 2014 and have been fortunate enough to have had lots of opportunities for progression. The support and encouragement I have received during my career has been excellent.

Maiden Erlegh Trust is a great place to work, with each school having its own set of unique reasons for making it a great place to be.  The Trust is at a very exciting stage with lots of amazing opportunities on the horizon. I can’t think of a better time to join the team.