Strategic Objectives



Educational Standards:

Excellence of provision leads to continuous progress, exceptional outcomes and high-quality destinations.

  • The curriculum design and its delivery in each phase/stage is ambitious and relevant for all.
  • The curriculum design and its delivery are a driver for developing effective learners and securing excellent achievements for all.
  • The curriculum design and its delivery ensure that the most disadvantaged learners can access and enjoy learning alongside their peers.
  • Learners know and can apply levels of literacy and numeracy appropriate for their age and in the context of their curriculum.
  • Learners have access to a comprehensive and stimulating academic and personal development and enrichment programmes, opportunities for student leadership, as well as structured character education.


Culture and Environment:

Safe, ambitious and inclusive approaches lead to happy and resilient learners and staff, who respect and value each other and are confident to debate, innovate, take risks and learn from mistakes.

  • Attendance and punctuality high for both staff and learners.
  • Safeguarding culture and practice are exemplary.
  • Relationships are positive and respectful.
  • Schools and working environments are calm and purposeful.
  • The Maiden Erlegh trust culture means that learners, staff and parents espouse our values and are proud to be part of the Maiden Erlegh Trust and/or their school’s community.


Leading and Developing our People:

Ethical leadership, exemplary professionalism and high-quality professional development and support mean that Maiden Erlegh Trust is the employer of choice for the local area.

  • Maiden Erlegh Trust will ensure that all areas of the organisation are led and managed in with our values and ethos and the principles of ethical leadership.
  • Strategic and action planning is an inclusive practice that leads to all stakeholders having an accurate understanding of priorities and a clear understanding of their role/responsibility.
  • We will attract, develop and retain talented and capable Trustees, LAB members and staff, and ensure that effective succession plans are in place so that leadership composition is as representative as possible of our communities.
  • We will ensure that opportunities for professional development in a culture of personalised continuous improvement exist for all staff.
  • We will ensure that workload for all staff is continually monitored and well managed across all areas of the Trust.


Growing and Developing our Community:

A strong track record of highly effective and sustainable school improvement, system leadership and professional partnership lead to more learners and staff benefitting from Maiden Erlegh approaches.

  • Our community of schools grows in a measured way that ensures standards are maintained and improved.
  • Maiden Erlegh Trust’s policies and practice foster community cohesion within the organisation and in the wider community.
  • The Berkshire Teaching School Alliance adds value and contributes to the positive reputation of Maiden Erlegh Trust.
  • Maiden Erlegh Trust continues to develop its reputation through increased high-quality partnership and collaborative working with other schools, MATs and Local Authorities.


Operational & Strategic Effectiveness:

Our expert, efficient and values-led Central Services function, and focused and rigorous leadership lead to Maiden Erlegh Trust and its schools being financially strong, well-resourced and sustainably managed.

  • Maiden Erlegh Trust is financially sustainable and practice is compliant with the Academies Financial Handbook and other relevant standards.
  • Schools are supported to optimise use of financial and other resources in order to ensure delivery of educational outcomes.
  • Operational Directorates are established to deliver high-quality and cost-effective services to schools.
  • Estates service optimise our estates to support high-quality and safe provision across all our schools.
  • Maiden Erlegh Trust will work towards carbon-neutral operations by monitoring carbon usage and developing sustainability strategies.


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