Trust Committees and School Advisory Boards

Trust Chair
Chair of the Board of Trustees Nick Jones
Trust Committees Chair
Finance and Operations Nick Jones
Educational Standards + Culture Tara Hanley
Audit and Risk John Hobson
Compliance John Hobson
Link Area Trustee Lead
Safeguarding  Mike Bellamy
SEN  Christine Jones
Link Area Trust Lead
Safeguarding Alison Walker
SEN  Kelly Nash
School Advisory Board Chairs SAB Chair
Maiden Erlegh School Ruth Evans
Maiden Erlegh School in Reading Phillip Simmons
Great Hollands Primary School Lindsey Bowden
Hamilton School Christine Jones
Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge Charlotte Cant
Cranbury College Mary Morris
Oak Tree School Mike Bellamy
Birch Hill Primary School Steve Weeks

Each SAB member has a Safeguarding link and SEN link who are supported by the Trust Lead.